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The Wroughton 'out station' near Swindon houses the large object store for the Science Museum in London, and holds all the large exhibits that are not on display there. In particular, visitors can see a number of airliners from the Air Transport Collection, plus other large exhibits such as agricultural machinery, cars and lorries. Among the aircraft on display are some very rare items, including the Boeing 247, Handley Page Gugnunc and the only Lockheed Constellation in the UK. A number of public open days and special events are held during the summer season. The Wroughton site is a Second World War maintenance airfield in Wiltshire. It has been occupied by the Science Museum since the 1970s, when many of our large civil aircraft were flown into the site. The site also stores our large-scale objects which are not on display and cannot be located at Blythe House. Seven aircraft hangars house items from the science, engineering, transport and agricultural reserve collections. There is also a research store, built in 1993, which has a stable environment and is ideal for less robust large objects. These are working stores and, as such, are not open to the public.

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