Southern Districts

12 Events in the Bournemouth West Region

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 Southern Listings are provided by interest and geographical area e.g. Car Events, Car Clubs, Bike Events, Bike Clubs, Boat Events and Museums -- from Arundel and South Downs, Aylesbury, and Banbury through to the regions of Witney, Wokingham, and Wycombe.

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Call ahead to avoid frustration.

For ALL events we strongly advise a call to the organiser to check that wind, rain, blizzard or a lottery win are not stopping the event from going ahead!

SJS Autos

Autojumble Breakers : 33 Fortescue Road, Bournemouth •MAP•

D N I Cars

Autojumble Breakers : 55 Mount Road, Bournemouth •MAP•

Autos4Cash Scrap Car Collection

Autojumble Breakers : 43 Webbs Way, Bournemouth •MAP•

Ist Buy Salvage

Autojumble Breakers : 1529 Wimborne Road, Bournemouth •MAP•

Mitchell Scrap Metal

Autojumble Breakers : Flat G 3 Cornish Gardens, Bournemouth •MAP•

Cars Recycle

Autojumble Breakers : 6 Redhill Avenue, Bournemouth •MAP•

South Coast Scrap Metal Ltd

Autojumble Breakers : 8 Sixpenny Close, Poole •MAP•

1st Buy Salvage

Autojumble Breakers : Flat H 6, Duck Lane, Bournemouth •MAP•

Unipart Automotive

Autojumble Breakers : 13 Elliott Road, Bournemouth •MAP•

Alan's Scrap Metals

Autojumble Breakers : 66 Wavell Road, Bournemouth •MAP•

Jason's Autos

Autojumble Breakers : 5-7 Norwich Road, Bournemouth •MAP•

KB Autos

Autojumble Breakers : 53B Stanfield Road, Bournemouth •MAP•

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